How to Quickly Raise Money for Your Pet’s Surgery

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Few things blindside us more than the news that a beloved pet suddenly needs serious veterinary care or surgery. In an ideal world, there would be no consideration of cost, but the high price of veterinary care and surgery can be just out of reach for many of us.

The good news is that people successfully raise money for pet surgery and other veterinary care on GoFundMe every day with pet fundraising. Our community is more than 50 million strong, and our site has a section dedicated to pet care fundraising and animal welfare, including online fundraising for nonprofit organizations serving pets and other animals.

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Your fundraiser will be welcomed

The best part of crowdfunding is not just the financial support you receive, but the emotional support offered by friends and family as you face this challenge. Over the years, your pet’s given so much to you and others emotionally (especially if your pet is an official emotional support animal). A fundraiser helps provide much-needed care for your pet and it can offer friends and family a welcome opportunity to give back, showing gratitude for years of love and comfort.

How much are we talking?

The cost of pet surgery varies by clinic and condition, but it averages $2,000 to $3,000. Often, however, those most dependent on pets are least prepared to cover the cost of an expensive surgical procedure. Setting up a fundraiser to cover the cost is something we often see people do for their friends and family, especially the elderly.

Take advantage of our guides and resources

GoFundMe offers a wide range of resources to help you run the most effective fundraiser possible. We’ll help you learn how to tell your story, use creative fundraising ideas, share your fundraiser on social media, and more. Do some research on the top fundraising sites to find one that fits your needs.

Add a fundraising event

Along with raising funds online, think about hosting a fundraising event for your pet. One proven idea: a dog wash. Have friends and family bring dogs by your home, and share the news of your dog wash with their social networks. Set up a kiddie pool full of water, and have some dog shampoo or biodegradable soap on hand. Ask patrons to donate to your GoFundMe fundraiser in lieu of payment. Check out our fundraising event ideas for more inspiration. 

Additional assistance from organizations

To supplement your crowdfunding fundraiser, we recommend seeking out additional financial assistance from organizations that support animal welfare. Here are some well-regarded organizations that can help with veterinary bills.

  1. Paws 4 A Cure helps cats and dogs regardless of breed, age, or diagnosis. You might qualify for assistance with vet bills.
  2. The Big Hearts Fund offers help with vet bills and options for veterinary cardiology. If your pet receives a diagnosis of heart disease, Big Hearts wants to help.
  3. CareCap helps you set up a payment plan if you and your vet sign up. They charge you a 1% fee each month until you’ve paid off your bill.
  4. The Pet Fund helps people pay for non-basic, non-urgent veterinary care for chronic conditions, heart disease, and cancer.
  5. Brown Dog Foundation helps pets when their owners aren’t able.
  6. United States Department of Veteran Affairs helps veterans with service dogs, including payments for veterinary care and equipment.
  7. Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation focuses on raising money and awareness for animals with cancer. Their funds go toward paying for treatment when pet owners are unable to fund it themselves.
  8. Diabetic Cats in Need offers financial aid for insulin and finds new homes for unwanted cats with diabetes.
  9. Magic Bullet Fund will pay between $600 and $6,000 of the cost of a pet’s cancer treatment.
  10. The Mosby Foundation works to help neglected, sick and abused dogs. They cannot help pay for vet bills you’ve already incurred.
  11. Handicapped Pets Foundation provides disabled, injured, and elderly pets with wheelchairs. If your pet needs a wheelchair after surgery, this is a great resource.
  12. The Onyx & Breezy Foundation provides funding for spay and neuter programs, rescues animals from kill shelters, and much more.
  13. RedRover Relief Grants offers immediate financial assistance for veterinary care, usually between $150 and $200. The program usually responds to applications for aid within 48 hours.

Read to get help funding your pet’s recovery?

If you or someone you know has an animal who needs help with surgery or veterinary bills, you can start a fundraiser to raise money for pet surgery, or any other veterinary care your animal companion needs. It’s easy to set up an animal fundraiser on GoFundMe—launch yours today.

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