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Why sharing matters

Now that you’ve built your fundraiser, it’s time to share it. Leverage the different sharing channels so your fundraiser gets the attention it deserves. 

Our research found that when someone shares a fundraiser with their network just once it results in an average of $13 more in donations.

How do I share my fundraiser?

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After you create your fundraiser, you are prompted to share it for the first time via Facebook. Facebook is a community of over 2.7 billion active users waiting to hear your story—take this time to introduce people to your fundraiser. Remember, every time you share your fundraiser, it helps you connect with more potential donors.

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In your first round of sharing, email your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to introduce your fundraiser. With GoFundMe, you can send mass emails all at once.


Share a quick tweet about your new fundraiser. Our research shows that fundraisers shared on social networks raise three times more than those that don’t.

What type of content should I share?

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For email

Write a simple email that introduces why you are raising money that links to your fundraiser. Be humble in your request and avoid using forceful language. For in-depth help read out blog post Use These Fundraising Email Templates to Reach Your Goal Faster.

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Social media posts about your fundraiser

Since most social media posts have a limited character count, keep it short and sweet. Include your fundraiser link and an uplifting message coupled with a donation request.

Tip: Use to shorten your fundraiser URL so it takes up fewer characters in your social media post.

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Sharing your fundraiser offline

Don’t stick to only online communication. Consider creating a simple flyer to add to a local community bulletin board or talk to people about your fundraiser at local event. Learn how to craft the perfect ask by reading our blog post How to Ask For Donations.

All of GoFundMe’s fundraiser sharing options

One share is not enough. After your initial share, it is important to keep at it. Sign in to your GoFundMe account and click ‘Manage.’ On this page, you’ll see an icon labeled ‘Share’ in the upper right. 

  • 1. Create a Facebook Life Event

    Facebook Life Events can increase your reach exponentially. Life Events have more visibility than a regular share because Facebook automatically moves your post to the top of your friends’ news feeds.

  • 2. Share on Facebook

    Our research shows that Facebook shares are valuable. Create posts that are uplifting and honest. For help read our blog post These Valuable Facebook Fundraising Tips Can Boost Donations.

  • 3. Post a fundraiser update

    Keep your supporters up to date with the current status of your fundraiser. If you’re unsure of how to write an update, lesson four help answer your questions.

  • 4. Tweet your fundraiser link

    Twitter has a 280 character limit, so stay concise and to the point. Always link to your fundraiser and include a call to action that encourages more sharing. Read our blog post How to Fundraise on Twitter to Get More Donations.

  • 5. Share by email

    After your first email, consider sending out a newly crafted email a few weeks later. This may remind people who wanted to donate after your first email but maybe didn’t have time. 

    Tip: Before you share your fundraiser on social media, email friends and family requesting them to share it on their profiles as soon as you do to maximize reach.

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson on how fundraiser photos increase donations.

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