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With GoFundMe, I was able to raise over $300 for my project to give people who are homeless in Los Angeles masks in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. GoFundMe made it very easy to raise this amount. The link I was provided with was very helpful and to-the-point.

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Chloe FosterChloe FosterDads Cancer Fight

GoFundMe was such a great opportunity for me to help raise money for my dad fighting his battle with cancer. I couldn’t have done it without them!

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My son James is not like any other boy. He suffered a massive stroke during the delivery process which caused bilateral brain bleeding. Over the last year our family has been trying to work with insurance companies and government programs to help get the care needed to help improve our son's condition. Currently he can not hold his head up, eat by mouth, track, reach for toys, and sit up. We started our GoFundMe because we were tired of letting our son down because we couldn't get the programs needed through the normal channels. It has been the best decision ever. Its an easy to use, friendly platform to collect donations for your cause. After a week of campaigning, we have gotten our son feeding therapy, vision education, and HBOT dives.

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I had never done this type of thing before. But I knew I didn't have the means to help my mom and her boyfriend on the level they needed and as fast as they needed. My mom just lost everything in the Blue River, OR fire and I mean EVERYTHING. Left with one pair of clothes and her medicine. GoFundMe has not only provided an avenue for our "village of people" to unite and support my mom and Mike, but it's provided HOPE. They do not fear the future. Can't wait to rebuild and help other rebuild along the way.

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Lindsay BakerLindsay BakerHouse fire

GoFundMe is the best site to raise money for so many causes. I had no problem figuring out how to create an account and share it to my Facebook account. They also give you many other options to share your fundraiser to other accounts like Twitter, Instagram or even email your friends directly. I love that when it comes to GoFundMe, they don't take a lot of your raised money, which is awesome, and there are no extra fees. I would encourage anyone that needs help finding someone to help raise money for good causes to use GoFundMe.

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Michelle EstradaMichelle EstradaHelp DiMario Recover

GoFundMe was amazing. The whole process and setup was clear and easy to do. Throughout the whole fundraiser, they sent messages and tips on updating. Managing your account is just simple and really helpful during tragic times when you can barely focus. GoFundMe helped us reach out to people we’d never have been able to reach out to. Not just for the fundraiser, but for prayers and well-wishes also. To have access to this kind out outreach was truly amazing. I’d recommend GoFundMe to friends and family or anyone in need of outreach. Thank you GoFundMe for helping our family in time of need.

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Jonathan TaylorJonathan TaylorJonathan taylor

It's very helpful.

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I have found that there are a great many people who care for homeless people and all other people most of society has left behind. I am an independent person who is creating a garden for homeless people. GoFundMe allowed me to quickly create my fundraiser that people can easily donate to. I have found that the GoFundMe platform is a name people trust. Therefore they feel comfortable donating money on GoFundMe versus other lesser known platforms. Whenever I need to create a fundraiser I use GoFundMe. They are incredibly easy for both me and my donors to use. And I'm always certain to get the best possible results for my fundraisers.

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Denise WusinichDenise WusinichDeborah Dobinson

This worked really well for a friend who has cancer and her unemployment has run out.

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Douglas IdeDouglas IdeDouglas Ide

A wonderful site helping those in need everywhere. Setting up a campaign was easy and quick. Certainly recommended.

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Lisa BartlingLisa BartlingLisa Bartling

I am experiencing a level of stress that I have never experienced before. I am going through a divorce and just found out I have breast cancer. I knew that there was a lack of funds to pay for all my appointments, surgery, and treatment. I have seen GoFundMes before so decided to give it a go. My daughter who is so much better with technology set up my page and it was very user friendly. We have had an amazing outpouring of love and support. I have so many people praying for me. I feel like I can breathe now that I have raised money to cover some expenses. I love it that you have created a way to make it doable for people to reach out for support. Thank you!!! Sincerely, Lisa Bartling

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Diane BraisDiane BraisProthèse oculaire

Fantastique! En moins de 30 heures j’avais atteint mon but!

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Julie CowleyJulie CowleySave our Savoy Theatre

This is an amazing site for getting funds to help certain situations. I am so grateful for being able to get this help for our local small theatre that is our only form of entertainment around us and the local villages. We are all missing the shows they put on and without this help they will have to close their doors forever so us as a group are extremely grateful for GoFundMe!

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I set up this go fund me for my cousin who suffered a medical catastrophe after a routine surgery. We met goal after 1 week. So grateful.

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Julian WelliszJulian WelliszParisite Ledge Drive

GoFundMe has skyrocketed our dreams into reality! It is the best platform to generate donation based funds for causes dear to people. I love seeing the metrics of who donated when. It makes donors feel that they are part of something larger, a social movement. They also make it so easy to share and generate buzz. GoFundMe, thank you for helping build New Orleans' first skatepark!

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